Pace of Abbotsford gains approval and eyes a 2017 construction start

The long-running bid to redevelop Abbotsford's historic St Crispin House has found a resolution, with Pace Development Group granted the right to deliver 133 apartments over 12 levels.

In conjunction with SJB Architects, Pace Development Group have refined the design for the development to a point where it was considered an acceptable outcome. Well before Pace assumed control of the site during 2015, St Crispin House was subject to development overtones, with an earlier application seeking a 17 storey high-rise outcome.

The newly approved envelope will see a mid-rise apartment building rising from behind the Art Deco-styled facade which will be restored. The site's history dates back to the early 1920's when it was utilised as a boot making factory.

Pace of Abbotsford. Image: Pace Development Group

Pace of Abbotsford, as it will be known, is expected to begin construction later this year; sales of the one, two and three bedroom apartments are expected to begin during October, with construction earmarked for November. Completion is expected during mid-2019.

Within the associated media release, Pace's Planning and Design Manager Michael Holah made note of Johnston's Street gradual transformation, as an increased number of higher density projects take their place within Abbotsford.

Urban Melbourne's Project Database shows Pace of Abbotsford is joined by five additional projects along the Abbotsford stretch of Johnston Street which have yet to become reality. Combined there is scope to add approximately 250 apartments and 40 serviced apartments to the area which has traditionally been low-rise.

Pace of Collingwood under construction

Pace of Abbotsford is also another notch in the developer's push into City of Yarra; three of Pace's seven current projects within the municipality.

Nearly, Pace of Collingwood has commenced construction proper, with Pace's in-house construction team set to oversee proceedings. 79 apartments are to be delivered within the predominantly brick snap finished building, which accounts for a 1139sqm corner site on Welington Street and Langridge Street.

Diagonally opposite, Pace is also pursuing a development albeit with a commercial outcome. Last week Urban Melbourne highlighted the slim-form, Spowers-designed commercial building which if approved will mark Pace Development Group's first foray into purely commercial development.

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