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Heavy rail / metro / light metro tunnel and station specifications

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City Loop

4 x single track tunnels, mostly circular (stats below), some sections were constructed with a cut and cover method (sunken precast box sections), overhead power.

Diameter: 6.93m
Internal (lined) diameter: 5.95m.
Vertical distance between tunnel centres: 9.45m
Horizontal distance between tunnel centres: 15.9m up to 20.7m (varies depending on location)
Platform length: 160m
Station Box width: ?

Rolling Stock

X'Trapolis 100 -
Height: 4.2m
Width: 3.05m
Formation: 6 car
Length: 143.4m
Seats: 524
Standing capacity: 266
Total capacity: 790. 1394 (crush load)
Minimum headways / signalling system: 150 seconds / 24 TPH
Theoretical maximum capacity per direction, per hour: 19,000 (33,450 - crush).
Vintage: 2002
Manufacturer: Alstom

Thanks to Marcus Wong who posted this link on Railpage: and
PTV's City Loop History:

Melbourne Metro Rail
- no details as yet.


North West Rail Link

Internal (lined) diameter: 6m.
Vertical distance between tunnel centres: ?
Horizontal distance between tunnel centres: ?
Platform length: 168m
Station Box width: ?

Rolling stock


Chatswood-Epping Railway



Métro Line 14

One of the more recent Paris Metro lines (constructed and opened in the 90s, currently being extended)


Single tunnel bore with two tracks, 3rd rail power.

Diameter: 11m
Internal (lined) diameter: 8.6m.
Vertical distance between tunnel centres: N/A
Horizontal distance between tunnel centres: N/A
Platform length: 120m
Station Box width:


Rolling stock.

MP-05, automated/driver-less
Height: 3.48m
Width: 2.44m
Formation: N+S+S+S+S+N
Length: 90.2m
Seats: 216
Standing capacity: 578 (4 pax per square metre)
Total capacity: 794
Minimum headways / signalling system: 85 seconds / 42 TPH
Theoretical maximum capacity per direction, per hour: 33,350.
Vintage: 2005
Manufacturer: Alstom


How a new station on the Metro Ligne 12 will be construction (tunnel already exists), originally cited on SSP

^ The street in question is on average 36m wide, compared to 30m for a Melbourne CBD street width.


Sheppard Line (most recent addition from 2002), 3rd rail electrification.


Diameter: 5.9m
Internal (lined) diameter: 5.2m.
Vertical distance between tunnel centres: N/A
Horizontal distance between tunnel centres: ?
Platform length: ~140m
Station Box width:?


Rolling stock.

"Toronto Rocket" - newest trains which currently run on the main Yonge-University-Spadina line, same specs as older trains
Height: 3.137m
Width: 3.14m
Formation: 6 x 23.19m cars
Length: 139.14m
Seats: ~400
Standing capacity: 700
Total capacity: 1100
Minimum headways / signalling system: 150 seconds (under existing system, new system will allow down to 90 seconds)
Theoretical maximum capacity per direction, per hour: 26,400 (35,000-40,000 in future).
Vintage: 2010
Manufacturer: Bombardier


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I'll add more as I find the info / thread will be updated frequently

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