Doubling up in Greensborough

Lotushill Investment Pty Ltd is looking to double the size of an approved apartment scheme in Greensborough.

The site at 273-275 Para Road has endorsed plans for a 75-dwelling apartment complex designed by Urban Design Architects. Urbourne Architecture has assumed design control for the project, doubling the six level approved scheme to 12 levels.

It was reported that a buyer from mainland China acquired the site during 2015, paying $3.1 million for the 1,615 square metre property which is opposite Greensborough Station. At planning for the bulk of 2017, the recast design now holds a development value of $22 million.

Render of the approved 273-275 Para Road, Greensborough. Image:Urban Design Architects

For that development figure, Lotushill Investment Pty Ltd have dropped the number of apartments to 65, whilst adding a serviced apartment element the intended development. Both the serviced apartments and traditional apartments range in size between 46sqm and 93sqm.

Amenities are high on the development's agenda, with a cafe, conference rooms, gym, lounge, library, multifunction room and sky garden included across the building.

Urbourne Architecture has sought to introduce a far greener face to the design, expecting that it will have a landmark effect on the Para Road Central Activity Zone.

The 'landmark' for this project is not driven by architectural form, shape nor avant-garde typologies. In reverse, we decided to express the 'landmark' via its inner means of the building, letting the community experience new communal amenities and new ways of framing spaces and views through a spatial arrangement concept that we call the VERTICAL VILLAGE. 

Urbourne Architecture
Street level perspective. Image: Urbourne Architecture

At 36 metres high, the proposal is marginally above the discretionary height limit of 32 metres for the area. When viewed from Grimshaw Avenue to the rear the proposal presents as a 10 storey development.

The planning documents note the discretionary height limit, outlining circumstances where greater height is acceptable.

Existing retail and amenities, extensive public transport links, setbacks and its positive contribution to the Greensborough Activity Centre are noted as reasons why the scheme should be approved. Should it gain approval the development has the right to become Greensborough's tallest building.

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