Hayball rework plans for a major Sydney Road apartment development

A public thoroughfare is the stand out feature of a newly advertised planning application for 200-216 Sydney Road, Coburg.

Hayball-designed plans for the site are intended to supersede an already approved scheme which along with the land holding were offered for sale by Colliers during 2016. Colliers pitched the site as a versatile project capable of creating a new urban precinct on one of Melbourne’s major shopping strips.

Reportedly sold for in excess of $13 million, developer Ruiyi Australia took on the site and is backing the new planning set which seeks a greater apartment yield across the 7,500 square metre site.

Initial and revised design for 200-216 Sydney Road. Images: Colliers & Hayball

Ruiyi Australia's sole Melbourne project of note to date is South by Rothe Lowman, which is currently one of the few apartment projects at sales within Fishermans Bend. Whilst it contains 49 apartments, 200-216 Sydney Road is slated to include 170 dwellings.

This is a marked increase of 41 over the approved site plans which saw 124 apartments in place, plus 5 townhouses, a ground floor supermarket, 3 retail shops and office space across the first floor.

The Hayball revision which is currently before Moreland City Council carries a $46 million delivery cost is similar in certain aspects to the endorsed design, albeit larger in scale.

Hayball's new plans call for 158 apartments, 12 townhouses, a business incubator and commercial tenancies across 8 levels; three more levels than the approved scheme. The major building to Sydney Road includes 8 townhouses, 11 terrace dwellings and 139 apartments consisting of 21 single, 110 double and 8 triple bedroom options.

The balance of dwellings are townhouses which front Cash Street on the site's eastern boundary.

Ground level treatment. Planning image: Hayball

To compensate for the increased number of dwellings, a host of new amenities have been included.

A landscaped public laneway spans the distance between Sydney Road and Cash Street, and would be lined by a business incubator, commercial tenancies and retail spaces. A private residents garden runs off the pedestrian link, accounting for just under 800 square metres of the site's footprint.

Another resident communal space at ground floor and rooftop facilities rounds out Hayball's H-shaped building, which sits above 268 car parking spaces across two basement levels.

Moreland City Council received the new planning application during December 2017.

Townhouse component of the intended development. Planning image: Hayball

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