Six Degrees Architects

Big numbers sought for PDG's Munro Site development

Despite being height limited to 125 metres, the raw development numbers for the intended Munro Site tower opposite Queen Victoria Market propel the proposal into the upper echelon based purely upon size. Developer PDG with the backing of Melbourne City Council had initially mooted a tower just shy of 200 metres for the 6,233 square metre site, only to have the Planning Minister impose a height limit of 125 metres. This has not perturbed the...

A double design delight for Docklands

Docklands may well stand to gain its most daring residential and commercial developments near simultaneously, as separate developers press ahead with their respective projects. At NewQuay, MAB Corporation has officially ramped up the profile of its latest tower to grace the precinct. In conjunction with Six Degree Architects, the duo are launching Escala which will feature a number of unique design aspects. The $130 million development consists...

Six Degrees of separation: Hawke + King

Brunswick Group has partnered with the Eighth Day Baptist Community to revitalise a former service station site in King St, West Melbourne. The new development called Hawke + King is located on an elevated island site bound by a leafy park at the juncture of Hawke, King and Curzon Streets. Designed by Six Degrees Architects , the project features a community hall, 74 apartments, a convenience store and basement parking. Brunswick Group and Six...

Melbourne Urban Design Meetup #3: The ethos and business model behind Nightingale

Following on from the first Melbourne Urban Design Meetup (MUDM) during February, Queens Collective at 20 Queen Street hosted the third MUDM event where James Legge of Six Degrees Architects gave a presentation on the design and business model that brought The Commons to fruition, and so too shortly The Nightingale located at 6 Florence Street, Brunswick. Beginning with Six Degrees' Heller Street Park and Residences project, James Legge explored...

Development & Planning

Monday, April 23, 2018 - 00:00
Today marks the official commencement of construction across the Kinnears site in Footscray. After years of laying dormant, developer R&F Property Australia will turn the sod on the multiphased project which is valued at $750 million. Christened Live City, the development will see various aspects of the 1908 former Kinnears Ropeworks building retained or amalgamated into numerous residential buildings slated for the site.

Transport & Design

Saturday, April 21, 2018 - 14:00
The City of Melbourne has released the latest discussion paper that is being used to inform submissions on its transport policy refresh. The daily population of the municipality is projected to grow from 900,000 today to 1,400,000 by 2036 and the council is looking to refresh all facets of its transport strategy.