An overview of Fishermans Bend's transport vision

The Fishermans Bend draft vision released last week included some interesting infographics to support the associated statements, below is a selection of them. All images taken from the Fishermans Bend Draft Vision documents. Click on each for a larger view.

Boulevards look set to play an ongoing role in Melbourne

St. Kilda and Flemington roads, Royal and Victoria parades, they're the wide thoroughfares that have been with us since not long after first European settlement and throughout all the infographics the extension of Collins Street to the bay (Plummer Street below) looks set to continue this grand tradition. With Plummer Street's inclusion alongside the existing boulevards in the above infographic, one can get a sense of how the redevelopment civic spine should eventually end up, assuming this vision becomes a plan set in stone. Note the inclusion of Alexandra Parade, no doubt on the radar post East-West tunnel completion.

Collins Street to the Bay

Building on from the Boulevards above, the infographic below outlines the vision for connecting the CBD to Fishermans Bend. No significant detail but it appears a tram/bus/cycle only bridge will be built across the Yarra from Victoria Harbour to Yarra's Edge. Throws up some curly questions about the marina which currently exists to the east of the bridge as rendered below.

Surface public transport in context

The proposed high frequency corridor (yellow lines) which intersects the 'extension of Collins Street' sets the scene for connectivity with Melbourne Metro; that is, a two-seat journey from Pakenham/Cranbourne lines which will eventually run through the Melbourne Metro tunnel at Domain. Likewise this is a good infographic which illustrates that even though Fishermans Bend will be a major precinct to watch over the next half century, there's equally just as much to the North of Docklands through Arden and E-Gate (immediately south west of North Melbourne station).

The heavy stuff

It's pretty self-explanatory. The two new mooted stations have the same spacing between them placed in new higher-density nodes (refer to height limits map at the bottom). This along with Melbourne Metro is the big question mark hanging over the entire vision; the density this precinct promises to have, as per this vision, is well and truly in the realm where heavy rail is warranted. One would also hope once the vision becomes a plan, a real funding and construction timetable for Melbourne Metro and Clifton Hill; Fishermans Bend tunnel is likewise set in concrete (sorry about concrete references!).

To put the two station locations into present day context, here's the current look of easterly station site at Ingles and Fennell Street:

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And the more westerly station at Plummer and Salmon Street:

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Height limit overview

Not exactly transport, just thrown in for context:

I've left my comments brief. I'm more interested to hear others' thoughts on the infographics above or any other part of the transport vision I may have missed. Over to you.

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Nicholas Harrison's picture

Interesting to see how they get a tram bridge across the Yarra to work and still allow access to the Yarras Edge Marina. Surely a swing or lift bridge would cause too much disruption to a high frequency tram service.

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