GMUG 2013: William McDougall on future transport trends for cities

During November Urban Melbourne presented Guiding Melbourne's Urban Growth ('GMUG 2013'), an event as part of Melbourne Knowledge Week 2013. Today's article focuses on the presentation given by William McDougall, Principal and Public Transport practice leader at global consulting firm SKM . If Melbourne is to fulfil its own motto of gaining strength as it grows, planning policy must shift away from the auto-centric low-density suburban growth...

10,000 Maniacs - The Battle Of The Tunnels

Australians love a good rivalry. Holden vs Ford, Carlton vs Collingwood, NSW vs Queensland, Keating vs Hewson. We are currently witnessing one of the greatest rivalries of all - Australia vs England in the Ashes. There's something about them that makes for riveting viewing, that captures our imagination even if we have no connection or love for any of the combatants. We crave the blood, sweat and tears oozed by the competitors, the mental...

Melbourne needs more focus on buses: SOEV 2013 Report

That's one of the recommendations from the State of Environment Victoria 2013 report. The SOEV 2013 report quotes Sir Rod Eddington's observation of the 'Pursuit of "iconic" projects at the expense of small projects' as not being optimal and in section on page 453 , the report goes on to explain cheaper and more effective public transport options can be brought to those who currently have access to mediocre levels of public transport by...

Car Wars: Time for trams to strike back?

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far far away, lived a band of humble trams. As Melbourne grew rapidly in the 1850's on the back of the gold rush, the trams tirelessly and loyally ferried the expanding population all around the city. With help of their big brothers, the trains, their future looked bright and assured. But then in true Australian fashion, we introduced a foreign species into the natural habitat: the car. Brought here in the misguided...

Independent assessment for East-West Link Comprehensive Impact Statement

The Planning Minister has announced the creation of an independent assessment committee which will review public submissions received during the exhibition of the Comprehensive Impact Statement for the East-West Link. An event to watch next month will be forum the City of Yarra will be holding to discuss the CIS on Thursday 7th November at the Fitzroy Town Hall, 6pm - the feedback Yarra receive at the forum will be used for the City of Yarra's...

Reflecting on the Melbourne Airport Rail Link

It's that time again; other media outlets are reporting on Melbourne Airport's most up-to-date figures regarding its ever expanding car parking revenues. And cue the inevitable uproar on the lack of perceived non-car access methods to the airport. As we've seen, even on Urban Melbourne, there's a lot of debate on how to provide alternative access methods to Tullamarine. Martin Mankowski dished up a thought provoking piece during June on Skybus...

Ride to work? You'll need a bike barrier for that

Between 1% and 3% of Australian commuters are out on the roads today proving cycling is often the fastest transport choice in Australian cities. Why don’t more people join them? It is not for a lack of interest. Australians have already stocked their households with an average of 1.6 bikes. The reason most of those bikes gather dust in garages is that few of us are prepared to risk our lives riding near cars, as Australian traffic and planning authorities expect us to do. Now even the US has decided to make it easier for cyclists. Will Australia ever catch up?

Rumble in Yarra's Edge

Docklands News reported (01/10/13) Yarra's Edge residents were growing increasingly worried about the proposed tram bridge as outlined in the Fishermans Bend draft vision. Under the headline "Yarra's Edge tram bridge outrage", Docklands News quoted boat owners as saying they would oppose any low-level bridge that would restrict access to the Marina. The article similarly quotes the Planning Minister as saying "the bridge was more than 20 years...

An overview of Fishermans Bend's transport vision

The Fishermans Bend draft vision released last week included some interesting infographics to support the associated statements. St. Kilda and Flemington roads, Royal and Victoria parades, they're the wide thoroughfares that have been with us since not long after first European settlement and throughout all the infographics the extension of Collins Street to the bay looks set to continue this grand tradition.



Development & Planning

Tuesday, October 24, 2017 - 06:00
1,284,577 square metres is the raw number. Urban Melbourne's Project Database is keeping tabs on close to 1.3 million square metres of office space at various stages of development across Melbourne. It is a phenomenal figure which shows just how bullish the office sector is across this city.

Policy, Culture & Opinion

Monday, October 9, 2017 - 12:00
Spring Street on Sunday unveiled its package of rental reforms that will see a variety of changes to the Residential Tenancies Act (1997). The state government has branded the reforms 'Rent Fair Victoria' and set up a website outlining the changes.

Visual Melbourne

Friday, August 25, 2017 - 07:00
The former site of John Batman's home, Batman's Hill is entering the final stages of its redevelopment. Collins Square's final tower has begun its skyward ascent, as has Lendlease's Melbourne Quarter Commercial and Residential precinct already. Melbourne Quarter's first stage is at construction and involves a new 12-storey home for consultancy firm Arup along with a skypark.


Transport & Design

Monday, October 23, 2017 - 12:00
The draft Fishermans Bend framework that was released on Saturday included an integrated transport plan that seeks to address targets such as 80% of all trips to be made by sustainable transport modes that were set out in the vision and now carried through to the draft framework.

Sustainability & Environment

Tuesday, October 10, 2017 - 05:00
City of Melbourne intentions for a reimagined University Square are now available for viewing. The significant piece of public space at 190-192 Pelham Street is in line to receive a total makeover, bringing the green landscape into a 21st century.